For Ideal Performance State (IPS) or In the Zone Training. Call +65 94312135

emWave Personal Stress Reliever

MInd Training for TaiChi. Call +65 94312135 or email to


Basic Postural Education and Treatment. Call +65 94312135

The self-treatment will mobilise the stiff and often immobile thoracic spine and lower back, alleviate headaches, aches and pains and ultimately improve performance. The process involved postural assessment in 3 planes (saggital, frontal and transverse) and techniques (3 ilterations) of treatment; these may involve some corrective exercises and soft tissue work.

The rack can be purchased and is specifically designed to achieve mobility (Refer to for the full descriptions and purchases).

■ It allows you to stretch the anterior muscles of the chest and shoulders that are deemed short and often inflexible due to poor posture.

■ It mobilises the thoracic spine, increasing your ability to extend and rotate through this important area.

■ Mobilising the thoracic region helps increase the available movement in the shoulder and pelvic region, allowing us to move more freely and efficiently.

■ Serves as treatment equipment and later as fitness equipment during the maintenance phasse. Enhance quality of life over life cycle

Many good results and testimontials have been received from Sedentary adults, Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi practioners / instructors, cyclists, runners, swimmers, golfers, tennis players, badminton players, dancers, scoliosis clients, clients with low back pain / hand numbness / nerves impingement etc.

Tai Chi Mass Workout Event (15 May 2010) Planning Document - Sample

Provides You With Physical Activity Tips and Recommendations.

Friday, April 18, 2014

20 Km FUN Brisk Walk on 18 April 2014

Meeting Time and Place
Bishan MRT Station – MRT Counter
Date  : 18 Apr 2014 (Friday)
Time : 7:15am
9:00am – Reaching Tree Top - MacRitchie Trails (Check Point 1)
11:00am – Reaching Bt Timah Hill (Catchment Path)
11:30am – Reaching Diary Farm (near Check Point 2)
12:30pm – Exit from Zhenghua Park
2:00pm – Yew Tee MRT
Lunch near Yew Tee Point
Finished by  2:00pm at Yew Tee MRT

Dear Friends, we have done well in our 20km Brisk Walk (actual ground distance is about 23km), well before 2:00pm. Estimated distance as follow: treetop - 5.5km, Riffle Range cross over BKE - 10km, Dairy Farm Rest Pt - 15km and Yew Tee MRT - 23km. We have a total of 30 participants today (21 reached the End Point, 25 reached Check Point 2 and All reached Check Point 1). Rest and hydrate well; and do your stretching exercises. Thank you and see you in the next Walk - Enyu

Start Point - Bishan MRT

Check Point 1 - Tree Top

Check Point 2 - Dairy Farm

End Point - Yew Tee MRT

Friday, March 7, 2014

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

LTAW2013 50km Fun Brisk Walk on 14 Dec 2013

Start at 7:30am (Hong Lim Park), 
Checkpoint 1 (Ulu Pandan CC-14km) timing at 3:04
Checkpoint 2 (Pandan Reservoir-30km) timing at 6:51
Checkpoint 3 (Labrator Park-45km) timing at 10:49 
Endpoint (Hong Lim Park- 51.5km) timing at 12:28
Number 4th group to reach the Endpoint

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

15 km/ 20/ 22km FUN Day Brisk Walk on 15 Oct 2013. Start Point at Yew Tee MRT

Meeting Time and Place
Yew Tee MRT Station – MRT Counter
Date  : 15 Oct 2013 (Tue)
Time : 7:00am
7:30 am – Start Point - Yew Tee
10:30 am - Reaching Diary Farm (Check Point)
12:30pm - Finish the BT Timah Trekking Circuit
Lunch near Beauty World 
2:00pm - Bt Batok MRT
Continue to 2nd Check Point and End Point; for those who want to walk more.

Finished by 3:00pm at Bouna Vista MRT (End Point) 

We have done well in our 15-22km Fun Brisk Walk. Our statistics:
Number of Walkers = 27 pax
Reach Bukit Timah Summit = 23 pax
Finished the End Point = 16 pax

Well done. See you on 14 December 2013 for the 50km Walk.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day - August 2013

Thank you and we treasured every moments together - 4th Aug 2013

My Core Services (Call SE Tan at 9431-2135 OR email:

My Core Services (Call SE Tan at 9431-2135 OR email:

Client Testimonials

"My knees and lower extremities feel better now during my Tai Chi practice. Thank you for your postural assessment, corrective exercise therapy prescriptions and methodologies used in Tai Chi movements." - after one consultation on Sunday morning

Joan, Tai Chi student from Yio Chu Kang CC

"Hi Maureen, Enyu,
Thank you for taking time to prepare and share your knowledge at our training clinic on Sunday. Nice to have you around to share on your expertise. I think I speak for all attendees to say that we all brought back muck insight to our walking techniques.

FYI and already confirmed, we will also load the pictures into LTAW's website "

Ng Yousi - Let's Take A Walk 2009 - Chairperson
Weizhen Chen - Let's Take A Walk 2009 Committee

"I learnt loads and enjoyed Sat's session!" Thank you very much Coach Tan :)" - Tapering Training

" The whole team (Maureen, GG, Coach Tan and Jon) worked well with each other strengths, which I truly respect. Based on the tentative resulta, EneRgyworkz team was accompanied by other teams with similar timings. More importantly, the distance was finished and not with terrible injuries"

Diane, Shariff, GiaYee - EneRgyWorkz Marathoners NorthFace100 2009

"I am doing the exercise prescriptions every daily and really I am feeling better. Thank you very much with you around, I will be well"

Ang KH, Polytechnic Lecturer - walking deficiencies, cannot squat, diabetes and high blood pressure (under medication)

" Wishing you a Happy Teacher's Day (1st Sep). Thank you for your patience in helping your student auntie to heal. I managed to knee at church on Sunday. I am so happy that my legs does not hurt already. I will always remember you as my World Best Teacher :-) Thank you. "

Elise Nge, Business Executive

"I have followed the training methods you taught me on stretching and postural techniques; and now when I do my Tai Chi, my knee pain has disappeared. Truly appreciate and thank you so much for teaching me the scientifc ways of practising Tai Chi"

Bay MK, Product Promoter

" Thank you for treatment to solve my heel pain problem(plantar facsiitis). It really hurt me alot before I met up with you. You have trained me on the correct posture and your coaching is easily understood. Thank you"

Kelvin Koh, Pharmaceutical Manager

" Your treatments using T-Rack and corrective exercise therapy prescriptions allow me to correct my conditions and my pain has reduced tremendously. I can now do my self treatment at home and thank you for spending your valuable time"

Zubai, Business woman (Client with scoliosis)

"Dear Therapists of Let's Take a Walk 2008

8 months of planning, 13 committee members, 33 hours of event, close to 100 volunteers, over 900 participants and more than $60,000 raised. These are some numbers from Let's Take A Walk 2008 successfully held over the last weekend.

Thank you. Thank you to all of you who have sacrifice your time to help us over the weekend. Your contribution and professionalism has contributed to the success of our event."

Chan Peng, On behalf of Organising Committee 2008

Click here to download the full Your Prescription for Health flier series, or choose a flier below

Exercise is Medicine

Information and recommendations for exercising safely with a variety of health conditions.

Exercising and Alzheimer's

Exercising with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Exercising with Anemia

Exercising with an Aneurysm

Exercising with Angina

Exercising with Anxiety and Depression

Exercising with Arthritis

Exercising with Asthma

Exercising with Atrial Fibrillation

Exercising Following a Brain Injury

Exercising with Cancer

Exercising Following Cardiac Transplant

Exercising with Cerebral Palsy

Exercising with Chronic Heart Failure

Exercising with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Exercising with Chronic Restrictive Pulmonary Disease

Exercising Following Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Exercising with Cystic Fibrosis

Exercising with End-Stage Metabolic Disease

Exercising with Epilepsy

Exercising with Frailty

Exercising with Hearing Loss

Exercising Following a Heart Attack

Exercising with Hyperlipidemia

Exercising with Hypertension

Exercising while Losing Weight

Exercising with Lower Back Pain

Exercising Following Lung or Heart-Lung Transplantation

Exercising with Mental Retardation

Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis

Exercising with Muscular Dystrophy

Exercising with Osteoporosis

Exercising with a Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator

Exercising with Parkinson's Disease

Exercising with Peripheral Arterial Disease

Exercising with Polio or Post-Polio Syndrome

Exercising Following a Stroke

Exercising with Type 2 Diabetes

Exercising with Valvular Heart Disease

Exercising with Visual Impairment

Low Back Pain - Understanding


ABC Diabetes

Why We Need to Retool "Use It Or Lose It": Healthy Brain Aging


Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center

TaiChi Routines and Circuit Training Depot (road near the rail track is now accessible)

View Taichi Depots and Training Routes in a larger map
Incorporating all the health and fitness components (Oct '08 articles) into exercise programs may not be easy for busy working adults, executives, businessmen and women when time is hard to optmise. The amount of time spend on exercises whether it is physical preparation and conditioning or routine practices must be effective and meeting the health and fitness requirements.

This requires a proper exercise prescriptions (daily and weekly) for individuals and appropriate circuit design (including bad weather) using existing natural environment (depending on individual preferences, preferably mixture of indoor and outdoor) around us to keep us healthy and fit. Time must be well-spend.

For example: some of my clients are doing warming up and stretching at home, their Taichi aerobic activties are done using the outdoor circuit and cooling down with Taichi routines followed by stretching near thereby their house. The re-hydration with fuild is done at home during rest followed by his bath. They have multiple version of programs (changing the variables of the components and types) for variety.

If you are interested, call +65 94312135 or email to

TaiChi Jogging For Neuromuscular Body Alignment (11km)

View TaiChi Jogging Route (11km) in a larger map

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Trekking

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Trekking
Refer to dotted "Red" route. Email to if you want to be informed and to participate of this event. It takes less than 2 hours for complete circuit. Timing varies and depending on the fitness and size of the group. Learning and understand proper human walking mechanics and the need of conditioning for Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

MacRitchie Trails

MacRitchie Trails
Follow the "Yellow" route and through the hanging bridge (about 13km)

Hiking Route from Yew Tee to Bukit Timah Hill & MacRitchie Trails

Hiking Routes in the Natural Reserve:

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

MacRitchie hiking trails

If you are interested, call +65 94312135 or email to

21km Route (Half Marathon)

View 21km Route (Half Marathon) in a larger map

LTAW - 50km Power Walk

View LTAW 2009 50Km PowerWalk in a larger map

LTAW 50 - 100km Extreme Walk

View LTAW 2009 50-100Km ExtremeWalk in a larger map


太極拳概述 little monkey

太極拳 - 武當絕學,繁體字,二十五頁的太極拳綱要


TAI CHI 42 Quan

Tai Chi Quan Simplified 24 Forms Steps Movement

Challenges Inherent to T'Ai Chi Research- Part I

Challenges Inherent to T'Ai Chi Research - Part II